About the SDC

Destination Décarie association announced last December the start of the official process for the creation of a SDC for the Décarie area. Therefore, we wish to offer some explanations to the Vieux-Saint-Laurent business community on this project.

But, what is a SDC?

SDC is the acronym for Société de développement commercial, a type of association which regroups all businesses of a defined commercial area, either a street or a neighborhood. The participation of all businesses allows more resources for SDCs than what a conventional association would have, on a financial standpoint as well as human resources.


SDCs are managed by a board of directors composed of six (6) elected members (merchants or professionals), one (1) representative from the Borough (elected official or employee), as well as two (2) persons selected by the elected members, for a total of nine (9) members. Members of the board of directors are not paid. SDCs usually hire one or two employee(s) to assure regular support to assist members and carry the organization’s various project. The main revenues come from annual memberships and subsidies from the Borough.

Mission and activities

The main mission of a Société de développement commercial is to promote the commercial development of an area, in the interest of local entrepreneurs and the population. SDCs try to highlight the assets of local businesses and services by working to improve the customer experience and the public image of the street, while supporting businesses in their projects. SDCs’ activities are varied and numerous, and go from the organisation of street sales to the management of a storefront renovation grant program. They can also negotiate group prices for various services, such as the purchase of advertising space and security or maintenance services. Furthermore, as a SDC is an organisation holding certain powers and representing many businesses, it has a greater capacity to make representations at the Borough for its members.

Why a SDC rather than a voluntary association?

Our association is undertaking the creation a SDC because we believe this type of organisation is in better position to deal with the challenges awaiting the Décarie area in the years to come. The current association status does not allow it to answer properly to the needs of local businesses and its voluntary nature makes it difficult to assure a reliable level of involvement in the long term.


For any question on this topic or to sign to our request, do not hesitate to contact our association at 514-744-4313 or at info@decarie.org

Berj MerdjanianAbout the SDC